Full of Hot Air

Being back into the full swing of things we were up and at 'em at a spry 5:15 am on Saturday morning to bear witness to the annual Lake Travis Hot Air Balloon launch at sunrise. Little A decided he was quite concerned about the entire event once he learned that there would be actual humans in the balloon baskets and that they would be flying HIGH in the air. This caused him much consternation until Bubble Boy was able to convince him to get close enough to one to touch it and the first one took off. Then all was good with the world and this was the greatest morning ever.


Yes, she is THAT tall.

I was most impressed with how quickly the air heats up inside the giant balloons. They spend several minutes inflating each one while some poor soul holds on for dear life to a rope attached to the pinnacle of the ballon to prevent it from flying all over the place while it's receiving its air. Then a few quick bursts of the flame and the balloon is fully inflated, perched high in the air and ready to go.

Getting Fired Up

And they're off!

The launch took place at Mansfield Dam which previously hosted our Leonid Meteor Shower watching party. It's a relatively small dam but impressive enough in the eyes of 10 and unders.

Watching those balloons lift off, silently, into the air and glide away with the breeze was very serene. They move so gently, yet undeniably. I was reminded of the wizard of Oz and his abandonment of Dorothy as she watched helplessly while he rose into the air, unable to stop and come back for her.

It was a great morning and I've added a hot air balloon ride to my bucket list.

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Anonymous said...

I can't see a hot air balloon and not think of the Curious George book where he sneaks onto one and flies over Mt. Rushmore. I imagine it's a beautiful sight...