School rocks!

Dressed in their first day finery the kids were both ready and out the door in plenty of time to get to school and witness the mad crush of people that could best be described as European soccer stadium stampede-ish. Of course, Little A was in his "B" outfit since 8.7 seconds after descending the stairs, all gelled and coiffed, he dumped chocolate milk down the front of his *gasp* WHITE shirt. Luckily, this misfortune didn't ruin Big E's first day outfit or we'd have seen drama the likes of which we might not recover.

I SWEAR he was more excited than this photo indicates.

The gym where they sequester all the kinder kids and families while the big kids move like crowded blood cells through clogged arteries to their respective classrooms was boiler room hot. The kids all looked a little too clueless to pick up on the energy in the room which went between Verge of Panic Attack to Collapsing in Sadness in intervals. I had my verklempt moment but it was while we were still at home and the kids stood on the stairs ready for the traditional photo to be snapped. Big E just looked so BIG and Little A wasn't looking so little anymore.

That's a "K" Little A is signing.

Luckily, when the kinder classes started pouring out of the building at 2:30 they DID look little. Really, really little. And it made me feel a whole lot better.

I'm hoping he wasn't looking up his teacher's dress here.

Any misgivings Big E had about fourth grade and the tremendous pressure that would now be thrust upon her were gone by 8 am and she decided that her teacher is THE BEST fourth grade teacher EVER. Believe me, we heard about her and all her wonderocity from the moment we picked her up until she finally crashed in bed, completely and utterly in love with fourth grade.

Little A decided kindergarten is The Bomb, his favorite parts being (surprisingly) music. He was absolutely WORN OUT when he came home but mustered the energy for a quick preschool ice cream reunion with his old pals so they could swap kindergarten stories. Then some playing around the neighborhood before he came home, announced he was FREEEEZZIIINNG!! and a forehead check indicated a fever. Sorry neighborhood kids...I didn't know. He's home today and fever free so hopefully we'll be back on track tomorrow.

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