All about the ratings

Beach volleyball at the Olympics? THIS is an international sport worthy of the mighty Greeks? Yes, surely they would have loved watching four tall, bikini-clad women jump around in the sand. Oh wait. I guess they wouldn't have even bothered with the bikinis.

I haven't researched the sport so maybe I'm totally off base here and I certainly don't mean any disrespect to these ladies, who I am positive are perfectly nice and dedicated to their event.

But what's next? Frisbee gold medalists? Cheerleading? Or maybe Olympic kite flyers?


Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing. Little C asked me why they were bathing suits. I told him that Daddies like to look at the ladies butts. He thought that was gross. Such a 9 year old.

Suzanne said...

I was surprised to note that the male beach volleyball players were not, in fact, clad in corresponding skin tight super itsy spandex-panty speedos, but in actual SHIRTS and SHORTS of very (comparitively speaking) long length.


Bubble Girl said...

What's really great is how the commentators like to include conversations with the coaches and other beach volleyball "experts", to create the illusion of there being true skill and athleticism involved. It makes those Daddies feel validated. Like reading the articles in Playboy