The Royal Treatment

Heeeelllloooo there!! How ARE you??? It's been lovely here under my rock, very secluded and easy. But alas, it is not meant to stay that way and I was starting to miss you. Even I am starting to feel the need to come out into the world again.

A lot has happened while we were busy doing nothing. It went something like this.....

We hitched our wagon to Port Royal veterans and made our way down to Port Aransas for the very first time. Yes. We are the only people in Austin who have NEVER been to Port Aransas.

Wait. Strike that.

We WERE the only people in Austin who had never been to Port A.

Here's the view from our room. This is the room that Big E and Little A rarely saw since they spent practically every waking moment that was not at the pool or the beach (and all their sleeping moments) in our patient friend's room.

I thought I was going to have to go a little crazy on someone when we got to our room and found there to be no bedroom immediately obvious. After a few moments of "Oh no they DIDN'T just put us in a studio", we noticed there happened to be a bedroom right behind the door and I was able to stand down. Lucky for THEM it was MY mistake. Or else they'd have had to deal with the wrath of Bubble Girl. Imagine the horror.

There were also a few moments of believing a hairdrying interloper was lurking in CCC's room but after much ado it turned out to only be a maintenance man with a hairdryer / drill installing a towel rack. The funniest thing about this (in MY opinion) is the commotion that ensued. Seemed that every employee within walkie talkie distance had to come over and catch a glimpse of the dangerous invader who had broken into the room.

As much as I'm itching to get all this excitement down blogger isn't cooperating and I just can't tell the story without pictures.

More tomorrow.

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