The Beach

Lookee!! Blogger let me post these photos...on the first try! The ease with which that happened makes me positively giddy.

This is our friendly neighborhood pelican. The kids called him (or her) Pete. He/she hung out for a good long while and entertained us immensely.

There was a big sand castle and this reservoir built to contain the creatures we gathered.

Like this sand dollar. EC is THE person to have around when you're searching for critters. She will make a brilliant biologist someday.

CCC caught this fish with a NET. Just swooshing it around in the water. Caught it. Just like that. She was channeling her inner Jin.

Boogie boarding and wave riding passed many hours of the day and Little A would never get tired of doing it. Both kids had smiles on their faces the WHOLE time. Except if they were fighting with each other, but otherwise, the WHOLE time.

Did you know you could stick a hollow pipe into the sand and pull out one of these.....

Yuck. We attracted quite a crowd with the critter getter. I threw up in my mouth just a little every time I had to look at one of these.

Little A almost got hit by a car, but I didn't get a photo of that. Crazy-effing white PT Cruiser driver! I wanted to run that car down and beat the doors in with the bait bucket, rip them out of whatever idiotic daze they were in and dump all those nasty ghost shrimp on them while yelling obscenities specially chosen to make them think TWICE before they barrel haphazardly down a beach access road where HELLO DUMBASS!!??? CHILDREN ARE PLAYING! ever, ever again.

But I didn't want to ruin everyone's good time and HE was fine after all. It was MY heart that stopped for a few seconds. "Almost" DOES count in horseshoes, hand grenades, and getting hit by a car. Thank goodness.

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