Bright and Early

This cute little crabby was caught our first night in Port A. Roaming the beach with flashlights watching the crabs scurry to and fro on the wet sand is a lovely way to spend an evening.

Lucky for the kids, CCC is an early riser. And lucky for them they were staying in HER room, not mine. Not so lucky for CCC....I owe her lots of chicken-sitting which will be a walk in the park compared to having Big E wake up at the crack and start in with the What Are We Doing TODAY??? Believe me, I live that every day and I don't think chicken-sitting will even scratch the surface for a long time.

All this happened before I dragged my lazy self out of bed.

When we did finally roll out somewhere around mid-morning we geared up for some quality pool time where we spawned down the waterfalls, went down the slide too many times to count, and practiced diving, leaping and jumping from the waterfalls. Even Little A and SC were granted temporary access to the slides despite their height deficit.

The next day was spent at the beach getting sandy and catching lots and lots of sun. But those photos will have to wait. I guess blogger is getting high and mighty and putting a limit on the number of photos I can upload in one day.

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