Lordy! Lordy! Look who's 40!

It's TRACEY JACKSON!! Surely she wouldn't mind if I broadcasted her age at top volume to a few of my closest friends on Internet. It just wouldn't do to write up a little something and not give credit where FULL credit is due by leaving out the all important identity of the very subject of the good times.

Everyone listening?? Ears and eyes on me, please! (This is how I talk after spending ten uninterrupted weeks with a 5 year old....sorry!)

TJ has finally "come into her own" by turning 40, which we all know by now is the new 30.

Sadly absent of her trademark swimsuit and cape, TRACEY JACKSON led us down the path of much fondue-ing and general merry-making to commemorate the landmark occasion. Being minus a few key Rebels (we missed you!) some of us took it upon ourselves to partake of some extra goodness in their honor.

Happy Birthday TRACEY JACKSON! May you turn 40 every year!

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tj, age 40 said...

That was some good eatin' last night, wasn't it? So nice of the manager to give us that champagne gratis! No one ever had such a good time turning 40 as I. My friends ROCK! I e-mailed The Melting Pot today and asked if they could give me info on that gorgeous glass tile in the ladies' room. Mmmmm hmmmm...I'm so old that I fantasize about home decor!