Getting going

Know how when you miss the gym or any other significant physical activity for 3 or more weeks it's a lot like you never were in any kind of shape? Muscles seem to have forgotten how to use the blood your heart is frantically pumping to all your long parts and based on your light-headed, dizzy feeling, NOT your brain? No? Just me?

And not just physically. It's been hard to focus mentally. Distractedness is not necessarily abnormal for me, but the degree to which my attention span has shrunk is notable. It was short enough already but now it's practically ADD short.

I know I'm often overflowing with excuses but when one of your kids is ill, then you yourself end up down for five days, and then you're out of town - it's more challenging to fit in the needed exercise. So when CCC and I made our return to the gym today....it was DANG hard. She did much better than I did. At one point all I could do was stand there and laugh. It was laughably pitiful. As we carefully descended the stairs I had what I thought at the time was an earth-shattering epiphany.

Forward Momentum. Inertia. The Groove. My momentum has been thwarted. The needle of my everyday goings-ons has been dislodged from my groove and is screeching across the surface. Funny how I never really thought of it in these terms before. I mean, yes, I've realized the difference when my schedule has been disrupted for whatever reason. Days seem "off", it's exponentially more work to get the schedule back on track. And while I've definitely said "I've got to get my groove back", when I've been thrown off track, it just never really resounded with me the way it did this morning. Maybe it was my oxygen-deprived neurons clinging to any semi-coherent thought that sparked a synapse.

Today I checked things off my list. Not everything but more than yesterday which was break even at best. And while I'm not slipping back into the groove as quickly as I'd like, I've got my foot on the accelerator and am slowly picking up speed. I ought to be able to merge back into full throttle Life in a day or two.

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Jamie said...

Now that I've experienced the class first hand, I can very much relate to your post. Ouch!