Woe is me

Little A was down with a fever last week for five whole days. Not just any fever but a whopping 104+ day in and day out fever. It was the kind of fever that prompts mothers to throw their kid in a tepid bath in the middle of the night and allow them to eat unlimited popsicles in the hopes that they will bring down their core temperature. I hadn't mentioned it here because, believe it or not, I do put forth some paltry effort to not make the blog be a whinefest ALL the time.

But now that Little A has kicked the virus out and considerately passed it on to his mommy, who lovingly bathed him, read to him, brought him 7000 popsicles and let him sleep with her and cuddle his hot little body up to hers despite the hot summer nights, I can hold back on the whining no longer.

I hurt. Everywhere. Did you know earlobes could hurt? And that thick skin on your elbow? It can.

Fevers suck.

You heard it here first.


tj said...

Hope you're on the mend, Homeskillet!

Bubble Girl said...

Thanks, tj. Feeling 'better' is a relative term, but better I am today. Still hunkered down while the rest of the family is clowning around with my baby niece at her 4th birthday party getting all face-painted and sno-coned up.