The Provincial Life

SJ clued us in to this year's Zilker Hillside Theater production of Beauty and the Beast and was kind enough to take a blanket to stake out a sweet spot on the hill before the throngs of people arrived. I have to admit that I went with very low expectations after an experience three or four years ago left me glad that I hadn't paid any admission.

What a wonderful surprise it was then to see what turned out to be a very nice production with delightful actors who could actually dance, act and sing rather well, a costume designer who obviously had a budget and and imagination, an orchestra that could keep time and tune and an entertaining story with familiar songs to boot. The temperatures were mild, the mosquitoes weren't swarming and even the crowds weren't overwhelming since we got there early and I stayed on my little square of blanket real estate.

Little A's favorite characters were the obvious Belle and the Beast, but interestingly also Gaston's silly sidekick. Big E's faves were Lumiere and the swaggering Gaston, who was kind enough to flex his biceps for the camera. You can see Little A's not too impressed.


Jamie said...

Okay you guys! I was the one who called SJ and reminded her that the musical on the hillside was starting again and wouldn't it be fun to go. Then you all go and see it when we're outta town. No fair! I insist that we all see it again when Craig, Kayla, and I can go.

It looks really fun and as good as I suspected it was going to be this year.

Bubble Girl said...

It WAS good...maybe even good enough to go sit on the hard ground for three hours AGAIN. Next time I will take pillows.