Domestic partners

Well on our way to a goal of a wrapping paper-free Christmas (and birthdays).
This is the most work my sewing machine has ever had to do. The need to refill and reload an empty bobbin was previously considered a stopping point for whatever project I was feebly working on because it presented too great a challenge for my pitiable Sewing Skills.


Not only have I refilled the bobbin TWICE, I've created many, many buttonholes! Buttonholes AND straight stitching! I've been reacquainted with my seam ripper due to a few minor mishaps, but despite that time sucker we've got a growing pile of various size bags in beautiful prints for all occasions. If only Mrs. Lee from Home Ec could see me now!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! You'd be all "in your FACE, Mrs. LEE!"

Bubble Girl said...

That's right! I'd also include "and YOU didn't think I'd ever be able to land me a husband with my subpar sewing and laughable cooking skills!...now will you PLEASE wipe that lipstick off your teeth for criminy sake!"

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.