Wildlife lessons

Did you know....

***Defining and defending a territory is an important part of a lion’s life. One way lions define the boundaries of their territory is by scent marking, which involves spraying a mixture of urine and chemicals from a gland at the base of their tail.***

We got an up close and personal, first-hand lesson in that factoid today when approximately 2 seconds after this photo was snapped, Mr. Lion hopped up, gave a little growl, turned around, hiked up his tail and proceeded to spray us with whatever chemical cocktail comes out of those scent glands.

On the bright side, it made what would have been The Day The Peacock Showed His Feathers, which while lovely is quite possibly forgettable, into The Day The Lion Sprayed Pee On Us, which is probably less so.

And isn't making memories what it's all about?


Jamie said...

Dude! I've been there when that Lion has sprayed his stuff on other unsuspecting people.

After we saw that, whenever we visit, we always stay WAAAY back.

I'm so sorry it happened to you! He sprays it like RILLY far and it looks RILLY gross. I hope you don't have to burn your clothes or anything.

Anonymous said...

Seems we always catch the lions at siesta time, or when they're inside the lion house. I guess that's preferable to being butt-sprayed, but just BARELY!