Spoiling myself

Strange how I feel that by allowing myself ten minutes to sit down and FINALLY write a blog post I'm being so selfish, so decadent, so impractical. Because how dare I spare ten precious minutes of productive, semi-lucid brain activity on something that isn't focused on the end of school, swim practice or attempting to make sure everyone makes it out of the house not only on time, but fully clothed AND respectably clean(ish).

Well, I do dare and here it is. Nothing earth-shattering, time-sensitive or chock full of significance. School is out tomorrow and THANK GAAAWWWD! These last few weeks have been spent in 6th gear, going, going, and going. And it's just such a thankless type of busy. Not like Christmas, when it's über busy too. But with Christmas you get CHRISTMAS when you're done. All the hard work pays off with happy cherub smiles and squeals of delight. Good food. Pretty packages. Remember all that fest?

But, with this busy all you get is summer. Parched, hot summer with kids who are wondering What's Next!? before they've even started on What's Now. Don't get me wrong. I am looking forward to summer and being on my own schedule. Swim practice will be done by 10 am so I won't wither in the oven of the outdoors and can get back under cover of AC before I melt into a puddle. But I love doing what we want to do in the summer. Day trips here and there. Dinner at the pool once the scorching sun has receded a bit and it's safe to come out. And Bubble Boy will be here this summer. He's taking the summer off. Mostly.

Off-topic: I can't let this blog post go by without talking about the huge elephant in the room. Surely you've seen it and I just wonder how it's not become a news spectacle. I was innocently passing a magazine rack in a local shop and nearly fell over when I spied this:

You may not be able to discern the true horribility of the cover from this photo, but this is the biggest I could find. I can only hope that SJP has her people working on rectifying this tragic mess as we speak. Because this was just mean.

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Jamie said...

I saw SJP on that cover over at GFY and it's pretty bad. I think they have a slightly bigger pic.