Drat. A Letter.

Dear Bubble Girl,

WTF? Are you a blogger or what? You think just because it's end of school and you're "busy" you can just stop blogging and not even give an "I'll be back in a week or two" message? How selfish and lazy is that? You have responsibilities! We know what you've really been doing....you've been watching "LOST" haven't you?....am I right?

HA! I KNEW it! You are so busted. First, you trashed the show as "condescending" and "bizarre". You said it was Lord of the Flies meets Stephen King, and not in a good way. And NOW. Now you can't stop watching it and you check the mailbox two hours before the postman (oops! I mean letter carrier) normally comes for the next disc. You're so, so pitifully weak.

You should be ashamed.

The Innernet

Dear Innernet,

I am.

Be back soon.

Bubble Girl


tj said...

You know I can't throw stones: I sit at my computer and watch season one of 30 Rock via a Chinese website (it's not available on U.S. sites - they make you buy the DVD. NO!). I do enjoy the beautiful Chinese letters when the subtitles pop up. Why can't OUR alphabet be pretty like that? Okay, what were we talking about?!

Bubble Girl said...

Tina Fey is a demigoddess! And Alec Baldwin...Maybe you'll learn Mandarin writing while watching Liz Lemon lament her little life.

Jamie said...


You're hooked!


I'm allowed to give you heck only because I'm sooooo LOST too. Can tonight really be the season finale?

No! I can't talk about it. I might cry.

Suz said...

oh my gosh that same thing happened to me. but i couldn't wait for the mailman like that. i just bought entire seasons at a time from itunes and stayed up waaaaay past my bedtime. absolutely unable to stop watching. until i finally caught up. now i HATE waiting an entire week for each episode. so by the way, i have them ALL. drop by anytime the mailman is running late and you need to know what happens NEXT.
i love sawyer. he's my best!