Hi! I'm Juno. The Bubbles brought me into their little suburban world on Friday. It's hard to believe they didn't already have a dog since Dogs are #53 on the list. 'Juno' is #57 on the list so really, I'm a double whammy. The Bubbles are many, many things on the list. It's kinda scary.

I've got a pretty sweet gig going here. The eating, the playing, the sleeping, the eating, the playing and the sleeping. And The Cheese! Oh God. Have you heard of The Cheese?

Yeah...they think I'm pretty darn cute. The way I run (tumble, actually) my fluffy, chubby body through the yard is quite irresistible. Who am I to convince them otherwise?


tj said...

Of course, I've already been by to see Juno in person and get me summa dat puppy love. She was so sweet, and obeyed her Daddy by staying right beside him as I backed out of the driveway. Beautiful AND brainy: She's the Reese Witherspoon of Puppies!

KT said...

Precious darlin' she is, Homeskillet! (Wonder if that's one word or two?)

Suzanne said...

Adorable, for shiz! Congrats on the new baby.