Demigod in Training

Big E made her way into Camp Halfblood today by attending the release party for The Battle of the Labyrinth at Bookpeople with the real, live, in-the-flesh-and-blood author, Rick Riordan. She had BEYOND a fabulous time and hasn't stopped talking about it and I'm truly afraid that she will pass out from lack of oxygen.

And the absolute BEST part of the whole thing?

She went with a friend.

Meaning I didn't have to venture into throngs of school-age kids and their parents all hell bent and determined to get THEIR book signed NEXT. Flashes of Johnson Space Center and the horror that surrounded that trip into the multitudes flew before me and before the hyperventilating turned into a full-blown panic attack my friend said she would be happy to take Big E with her two kids if I would take her shift of t-shirt selling at school. Nevermind that I had been at the school for 7 hours already...one more hour of selling t-shirts was cake (Cake! I tell you!) compared to submitting myself to that kind of torture.

In other news, Little A is officially registered for kindergarten. It's happening! They're really going to take him! I'm thrilled, excited, giddy, anxious and sad all at once. How can that boy be heading off to kindergarten? At the Kindergarten Round-up (the cute name they give to make filling out your name, address and emergency contact information 250 times seem less horrible) the kids that walked in with their parents looked so young. So little. So big-eyed and scared. Is it possible that Little A looks that young to others?

His last day at his nature preschool is Thursday. What we're supposed to do with him for a month before his sister and friends are released from their sentences, I mean classes, I have no idea. I guess he'll get to play with his new puppy. He'll have to fight me for her though.


Suzanne said...

I love Book People! Daniel Quinn signed a copy of "Ishmael" there for me.

tj said...

I've been reading his adult series featuring an investigator named Tres Navarre for years and love him. One of his books make reference to a peanut allergy, which prompted me to e-mail him and ask if one of his kids was PA. Sure enough, one of them is.