The Great Escape

The Semi-Annual Ribbon & Pony, Fairies & Unicorns, Mani/Pedi, Facial/Massage, Giggle-a-Thon, All-The-Junk-Food-You-Can-Cram-In-Your-Piehole-And-Chase-With A-Fizzy-Vodka-Drink Weekend is behind me now. Bubble Boy was gracious enough to grant me early exit on Friday so TRACEY JACKSON and myself raced out of Austin like the city was burning.

As we were the first two people to check in we hurriedly got down to the serious business of lazing around and wallowing in a phenomenon rarely experienced by us and those like us....It's been aptly named 'Nothing To Do' and was derived by Wordsmiths to indicate as succinctly as possible that no one is asking for a snack. No one is asking you to please help them with their homework. Nobody is spilling juice on the floor. There is no one asking What's for dinner? No laundry to fold. No floor to vacuum, no garden to weed, no one to shuttle to practice, no email to send or answer, no insurance people to wrangle, blah, blah, blah. It means quite literally, NOTHING TO DO. Read also as Do Whatever YOU Want. Seriously! Drink a beer at 1 pm. Sit on a lawn chair in the glorious sun by the sparkling clear Blanco River and don't move for 2 hours except to get another beer. Eat lovely, homemade meals prepared and cleaned up by SOMEONE ELSE. That's right! No dishes for two whole days! Spend nigh on 48 hours with 9 fabulous women who are also experiencing this unfamiliar episode of Doing Nothing. I highly recommend this State of Being. One should seek it out whenever possible.

Of course, while one is busy Doing Nothing, they should be prepared to handle the occasional misfit who decides it would be heelarious! to short-sheet everyone's bed. And consider carefully the consequences of strewing Cheetos and graham crackers about in the beds of their sleeping comrades lest a "Blood Feud" erupt. However, these are only minor glitches and some might even say they contribute in their own way to the overall pleasure of the Do Nothing Weekend.

Because, really? Two whole days of no responsibilities and great friends? That truly is a Great Escape.

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You are SO RIGHT! This weekend was most excellent, and I'm eager to do it again. I still can't believe that I recognized having been there with Dad nearly 35 years ago.