That Look

The Set-up: Little A is allowed 30 minutes of computer time a day. He could easily sit at the computer forever. I'm sure if we were to construct some sort of toilet / desk chair and hook him up with IV food, he'd never let the mouse out of his chubby little hand. Oh, unless it was to watch TV, especially something relating to Spiderman, Go, Diego, Go, Fantastic Four, or Star Wars, but really anything will do. But as you may know from previous posts, we don't have TV so it's easy enough to avoid getting caught in that trap. HOWEVER, we have three computers around the house at any given time, often four, so regulating computer time is getting trickier.

Today, as I was worked diligently on a little PTA project, Little A was set up with his collection of thousands of Hot Wheels and a few planks of wood of various sizes. This is more than enough to entertain him indefinitely but for some reason he was fixated on either watching TV or getting in some more Noggin time. He was shot down time and time again, and finally seemed to settle in to playing cars or knights. Until I noticed that he wasn't. All was quiet. And if you have kids, you know. That Isn't A Good Sign.

I knew where he was. He'd helped himself to the 24" monitor in BB's office to play his Spiderman video game. I knew this the way mothers Just Know. So, I call out to him...

Me: Little A! Whatcha doin'?

Little A: I'm upstairs.

Me: Whatcha doin' up there? [I'm tip-toeing to the office at this point]

Little A: Playin'.

Me: Whatcha playin'?

Little A: Uhhhhh......uhhh...............Stuff. [He walks out of the office to see me standing there]

Me: How'd you get down here so fast?

Little A: [sly smile giving me That Look*] Uhhh...My Power.

Me: Really? What power is that?

Little A: [He holds his hand up to my face, palm in] Invisible.

Me: Oh! You can make yourself invisible!? Cool. What about me, do I have The Power?

Little A: Hold your hand up like this [he shows me how...palm facing toward me...I do..]. Oh yes, you do.......but just your hand. Not your whole self, like me [more of That Look*].

*That Look: When one knows they're Oh So Busted and also know that if they crank up their Cuteness Quotient it'll save them from anything short of torturing puppies.


Amy said...

What a little punkin! It's even cuter when you imagine how he says things like "powew" instead of "power"...those "r"s are so tricky!

Bubble Girl said...

Yeah, I haven't quite figured out the correct spelling for his version of many words. It's very difficult to capture with the English alphabet.