House of Terror

A week or so ago, BB and I had snuggled down for a quiet evening watching something I can't even remember what. To really enjoy whatever it is we're watching we regularly turn out all the lights and watch in darkness. As we sat, darkness surrounding us, TWANG! followed by a THWACK!

Hmmmm, what could that have been? It sounded like it came from upstairs or the ceiling or something. Like maybe if someone put an object in a plastic spoon and flung it toward you. A thorough search of the floor turned up nothing at first...after all it was pretty dark. Just as I had decided it was probably the house settling or the ghost that regularly haunts me here by dropping ceiling fans over my head, I see it. Barely. It's brown exoskeleton scurrying on the floor. Tail erect. A Scorpion. My first thought is It Could Have Landed ON ME!!!!! In retrospect I'm certain I felt the air disturbance as it fell the 15 feet from the ceiling fan. It was that close to my head. I mean, can you imagine? Oh God.

Scorpions fluoresce under UV light.

I know, I know. Supposedly beneficial arachnids keeping down the fire ants and roaches. I can't accept it. They're evil and they're in our electrical system. I'm normally an organic type gal, go the natural route whenever possible. But I'll break out the big guns if I'm going to have to deal with scorpions crawling out of light fixtures and flinging themselves around the house. I think I may walk around with a black light and to see what we're dealing with here. I do have a mattress on the FLOOR to think about.


grumpy said...

EEK! I think you've been cursed.
Did you "capture and release"?

Bubble Girl said...

Hell no! I jumped up on the couch and shrieked at Bubble Boy to Get It! Get It! It's Right There!!!Aaaack!

Not my proudest moment, but there you go.