Seems like weeks have gone by since I've had anything to say here. Guess it's not that I haven't had anything to say, just no time to say it. Don't get the wrong idea that we had a big trip over the holiday weekend, or visitors or something else fun to do. Oh no. I woke up Saturday morning with a major case of OCD. I simply could not allow all the kids' craft, playdoh, paint stuff, etc...to reside in the crummy little plastic drawers that have been occupying way too much laundry room real estate one minute longer. There was a logical process to it that is way too long to recap here, but what that ended up meaning was a new kitchen table, chairs and cabinet. So, off to IKEA we went. This turned out to be a 6+ hour Adventure in Torture. There are good, valid reasons why BB and I are STILL sleeping on a mattress on the floor (2 years this month!). When looking at a book for ideas he points to a large concrete room with huge windows that contains a coffee table and a plant as something we should strive for. I'm more of a Crate and Barrel girl myself, actually enjoying furniture that I can sit on, but it's not like I'm putting up frilly lace curtains and asking him to sit on floral chintz.


Hours go by. Flat packs are unloaded. Furniture is assembled. Screw punches hole through table top. Panic ensues. Is this the right table for us? Maybe this is A Sign? Back to IKEA with brief stop at Crate and Barrel to calm my irrational fears. All is well. Here's what we ended up with:

Not quite content to let the torment of the weekend shopping sprees end, I take both kids to the fabric store so I can recover the seat cushions. And THEN, to make it truly a day to remember we go to The Container Store...TWICE! Somehow, this project morphed into needing to transfer all the pantry stuff from plastic to glass.

After a frantic day of cleaning, purging, sorting, and more cleaning, Voila!

Theses 'woven totes' were my sweet find of the day. They fit perfectly under the cabinet and the color was spot on. BB insists that they're baskets in his "see how you're trying to Frou-Frou everything up?" kinda way, but I'm standing firm on the 'woven totes'.
Many people can't truly appreciate an orderly pantry. They miss the joy of standing in front of dried goods and admiring everything neatly displayed in comforting rows. So, so sad.

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KT said...

The joy. Pure joy. Well done, BG.