She scores!

I'm not the shopper I used to be. Times were I could set out bright and early in the morning and find bargain after bargain to suit my needs and desires. Or if my needs and desires were specific, a pair of shoes to match a new ensemble or a new sweater for a ski trip, I'd always find something that worked perfectly. That was BC (Before Children). Not only did I have eons more time but all my income was focused in on me, me, me, rather than four people, a house, 2 cars, piano lessons, swim team, soccer, PTA junkity-junk, not to mention that I no longer produce an actual income. So, shopping has become more of a chore than a pleasant pastime.

But today. Today! After an hour and a half, way too many questions, and very looong, thorough answers from a very helpful salesman, I walked away with beautiful SIDI cycling shoes. Then, as if that wasn't great enough, after a yummy lunch, CCC and I headed to the north Lamar Goodwill which is THE place to go for cheap books. We teamed up and went through thousands of books and came up with enough great reads to get us through the next six months.



Anonymous said...

RR - I practically work across the street from the Lamar Goodwill (I'm at Lamar and Koenig). You should have stopped by - and brought me some lunch! bwah ha. I must say that it is the BEST Goodwill I've ever seen. In fact, I need to stroll around after work one day and find some Halloween costumes.

Bubble Girl said...

We went to 34th Street Cafe. It was a delight. I'm a chicken salad connoisseur and theirs ranks up with the best. I'm up for trying out the rest of the fantastic, reasonable menu.