Peace? Anyone?

September 21 marked the International Day of Peace (did someone say Peace? Where? Where?) so Big E's Brownie troop made over 60 pinwheels to put on the fence in front of the school. It was a lovely display which joined over a million other pinwheels being displayed all over the world. This project started just 2 years ago with a couple of art teachers in Florida and has taken off. Our Brownie troop has corresponded with a medical unit stationed in Iraq since last Christmas so it felt really good for them to share their feelings regarding war and conflict with those troops in their minds.


grumpy said...

I am VERY proud of Big E, her Brownie troop and YOU of course for making it possible.
It probably won't surprise you to know that I too attended a "pinwheels for Peace" event. It was great.
As I have attended "peace" or "anti war" events every week over the last few years, I have observed a marked increase in support from passers by. Of course there are still a few that express their disagreement via various gestures,(both audible and visual) but they are in the distinct minority these days.

Bubble Girl said...

That is REALLY saying something given your location. I wonder if it will make ANY difference one year from now.