Couldn't resist

Look at me! Two posts in one day! As I was looking through the link I put in my earlier post about Gerard Butler, I saw this preview for a movie coming out this Christmas.

Not only two posts in one day, but one including video! I've come a long way, baby!

I'm so happy Gerry (that's what I call him...Gerry), is getting some great roles. He is a great actor and deserves to be in movies with the likes of Hillary Swank and Kathy Bates. And how about Lisa Kudrow? Love her.


grumpy said...

As much as I like the actors in this film, especially Swank, it looks like a definite rental to me.
What can I say? I'm Grumpy!

Bubble Girl said...

Can't believe you're disrespecting Mr. Butler like that. Methinks you may be in for a big surprise. Of course, you know me, I'll probably go at least twice. At least they're probably won't be any executioners with "saw arms".