Eat that, Al Gore!

Finally there's some good news about that bogeyman of the day, Global Warming. I can't tell you how cheered I was to read this in the latest issue of Southern Living. But wait, I'm not even going to make you click out to read it...it's too precious and inspiring.

According to Steve
Every day on the network news, there's another dire warning about the threat of global warming. One such report stated that if the North Pole melts and sea levels rise, alligators in the Everglades might be replaced by crocodiles. I know I'm supposed to think this is bad, but if an 800-pound reptile is ripping off my leg, it doesn't matter to me which kind it is. Anyway, one aspect of global warming that the mainstream media have totally ignored is that warmer weather could have benefits for gardeners. Look at purple fountain grass, for example. Thanks to its reddish-purple foliage and graceful, rosy-colored plumes, it was recently inducted into the Gaudy Plant Hall of Fame and makes frequent appearances at shopping malls. But unless you live in the Coastal or Tropical South, winter cold kills it and you have to buy a new plant each spring. Global warming can change this. Someday soon, everyone may be able to enjoy purple fountain grass year-round. It'll look just great planted around your brand-new crocodile pond. Southern Living September 2007

Can you believe the mainstream media? Reading this little tidbit just made my whole week. I mean, have you SEEN purple fountain grass? Seriously. It IS beautiful and Oh So Showy.
And I can't get mine to live even through Austin winters. It is depressing to hear the unrelenting reports of sea levels rising, adorable polar bears starving, devastating hurricanes and increasing numbers of forest fires. Way to go Southern Living for showing us the upside of global climate change. I applaud your optimism!


grumpy said...

Is this for real? Surely this guy isn't that stupid!

Bubble Girl said...

Methinks it must be somewhat tongue in cheek...like hopefully most people read my post to be. Or maybe he's just a 'glass is half-full' kinda guy. You know...one of THOSE people.