Today marks the beginning of what is sure to be a very close and lucrative relationship with Big E's orthodontist (lucrative for HIM....I'm sure we'll be having bake sales to help pay for retainers over the next 6 years). She actually handled the insertion of the RPE (Rapid Palatal Expander) quite well. Being on the nervous side like she is, I anticipated much more screaming or at least some whimpering, but didn't happen. We discussed and practiced some calming techniques beforehand and I think it paid off. Dodged a bullet there!

It will take some getting used to, though. Obviously she's supposed to avoid sticky, clumpy foods like peanut butter and white bread and stick to things that are pretty soft. So, Tortellini for Dinner, I thought. That didn't go over so well. After 3 or 4 bites not working out and getting stuck in there, a Drama Queen Moment came over her and she collapsed in tears and anger, "I CAN'T EEEEAAAT!!!", she wailed over and over. A big bowl of oatmeal quickly remedied that problem and we're good 'til tomorrow when gruel and chicken broth are on the menu.

More happenings today....Little A fell from the top shelf of the pantry. He's decided he doesn't want to ask anyone for help in retrieving whatever snacks he'd like and so he'll just climb up and get them himself. Having been cautioned against this behavior he now closes the door to the pantry so no one will know what's going on behind the closed door (The What We Can't See Won't Hurt Him Theory). Today I heard the "thumpity-thump-thump-splat" of him tumbling down and the subsequent crying. As I dashed to the door and opened it, he looked up at me and cried "I'M NOT HURT!! I'M ONLY CRYING BECAUSE YOU SEE ME!!". One of those moments I feel like saying "See!? I told you so!" like the 5 year old I am deep down inside, but I stuffed the urge down with great effort.

And still more happenings from today....just gotta talk a little about the lifeguard situation at our personal country club, the GH pool. I had so much fun watching the LG laze around with her feet propped up on some guy's (her boyfriend??) lap, while she chit-chat with her girlfriend and took token glances in the general direction of the pool. JC, who manages the pool said there has been at least one complaint about her calling long breaks, leaving early, and Public Displays of Affection (aka GROPING) with her boyfriend. Tonight she was polishing her fingernails. Is that Red Cross sanctioned nail polish? I wonder if it really does bother me, if I am just looking for things to bitch about, or what. Part of it makes me remember just what it was like to be 16, but you know, I wasn't getting paid $11/hour to sit around and paint my nails and be mauled by some acne-faced boy in front of the whole neighborhood. Maybe I'm bitter, or maybe I'm jealous. I'm guessing bitter.

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