Last King of Scotland

Just couldn't resist a quick review here to hopefully help me remember actually seeing this movie. I'm notorious for forgetting that I've seen a particular movie and need to be reminded of details. I'm working to improve.

So, this movie was fantastic. I had heard all the hoopla about Forest Whitaker and all that bidness, but really....wow. I was a bit disappointed that James McAvoy's character, Nicholas Garrigan, was completely fictionalized, but took comfort in knowing that what happened to him in the movie didn't really happen to him (maybe to someone else, which I will try really, really hard not to think about).

Forest Whitaker was indeed amazing. He WAS Idi Amin as far as I am concerned. I have a vague recollection of IA, having been a clueless tyke during his reign. But I think FW received so much attention that James McAvoy got overlooked. This was a big change from his character in Narnia (Mr. Tumnus, the faun) and he did a great job. It can't be easy to hold your own when you're up against freakin' Idi Amin. Plus, I just love All Things Scottish.

All the fluff said, it was shocking, eye-opening, and depressing to be shown some of the many horrible things that have happened and be reminded of the atrocities that continue to happen in Africa. We watched Blood Diamond a few weeks ago and that alone was enough to make me never want to buy another diamond again. Damn...I hate to end a blog entry on such a sour note, but it just sucks too badly there to do otherwise. Sorry.

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