Runnin' with the Devil...no more and yet again.

Karl Rove has resigned. 8 years too late, but I guess I'll have to take what I can get. I have often wondered how different the world would /could be today if things had gone differently that day in November, '00 as BB, Big E (who was quite little at the time), and I confidently ate at some Austin restaurant (which one WAS it??) and watched the results flow in. It looked good for us as we turned in for the night...only to wake up to an altered universe where Katherine Harris, Antonin Scalia, and pregnant chads became part of our daily vernacular.
Thanks to Bizzy, from whom I lifted this photo.

I don't know if things would be much different, but I like to think so. I like to think it would have changed the lives of 3690 U.S. soldiers and their families and the (at least) 40,000 Iraqi families who have lost loved ones in the last few years. Perhaps we wouldn't have come to accept the torture of another human being as being "unfortunate, but necessary".

It isn't that I blame Karl Rove directly for this Mess o'potamia, but really I do. Some other people too, but I would be Ever So Giddy to see this man go down and go down really hard. Unfortunately, that really only happens in the movies, like that scummy senator in Shooter (man, did he get his!), so I'm not holding my breath. He'll end up skating away from whatever comes of his Congressional subpoena and either continue as an evil, conniving political strategist or make a bundle on the speaking circuit and book deals or maybe both. Whatever happens, I've prepared myself for the likely possibility that he'll be a thorn in my side for many more years. But for now, I will take pleasure that we're no longer Running with that particular Devil.

All that political soapbox out of the way, I can talk about the Devil that we WILL soon be running with again....David Lee Roth and Van Halen are reuniting and starting a new tour next month. One more way for me to feel the years slipping away is to read about David Lee Roth, age 52!!!, joining back up with his old band to sing songs from my high school days that are over 20 years old.

I couldn't find any word on whether they'd have an Austin stop, but I don't think I'd go even if they did. First, BB would rather disembowel himself with a shrimp fork than go to a Van Halen concert. That's just a guess based on previous uncomplimentary comments made toward that genre of music. Second, I'm not sure I want to relive those days. Those days are 'those days'. They were fine while I lived them, glad I did, but I've moved on. Plus, I'm just outgrowing the damage I did to my hair with all the perms, teasing, and hairspraying enough Aqua Net for my own personal ozone hole, that I'm not willing to start all over.

Now, I'm going to pretend I'm a Fug Girl for a minute....I'm not remotely as clever or witty so bear with me.

It was good of Eddie V to take time off from his house painting gig to show up for this publicity op at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. Did Valerie forget to lay out a shirt? And is that guy on the left Larry the Cable Guy back when he had a full mullet and before he decided to rip the sleeves off his shirt? Did anyone tell these guys they were going to be on the TV? The smarmy agent looking guy looks like he might have gotten the word and DLR did go to the trouble to unbutton his shirt down to his navel, or more likely...he buttoned it up and tucked in.

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Jamie said...

I say that's a pretty good fug! You should gather your resume and send it in to Go Fug Yourself. You're such a fashionista!