Dog days

Earlier this week the kids were able to convince me that another afternoon of hanging around the pleasant a/c of our house would result in Very Bad Things, so we joined friends and made the trek out to Lakeway to visit their really fun little swim park. For a small admission you have the pleasure of riding your choice of two water slides (three if you count the adorable little frog slide where the little ones slide down the frog's long tongue into the 6" deep water), the lily pads, or swim in the big pool or the little pool or the zero-entry beach-like splash pool. It was a great way to spend a blazing HOT typical August afternoon.

I thought I'd do something I rarely do and bought the kids candy before we went. It's not that they don't ever get candy, but usually it's associated with birthday party piñatas, holidays, or someone else is providing it. So, I'm rarely the source of the goody. I like to use the Basket of Sweets as a primary source of leverage (generally in the form of withholding) in gently encouraging them to behave in socially appropriate ways.

I'm sure there's some psychological reason for my suddenly placing far fewer limits on their intake of sweets, something like since I can't eat candy or cookies or anything aside from the veggies and fruit I've been eating for over 2 weeks now, that at least I should be able to enjoy watching my kids eat all the things I'm obsessing about.

Enough about food....back to the swim fun...

Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman made an appearance at the pool and kept all the ruffians in line.

Both the kids were quite adept at getting across the lily pad obstacle. Little A didn't bother with the rope since he couldn't reach it, so he just hopped, very authentically, from pad to pad. Big E was very good at unfolding one of her long legs to pull a pad that was floating away back where she wanted it. I went across once and know it must have been semi-entertaining since I actually saw the lifeguard snickering at me. Brat.


Jamie said...

Hey, I didn't know the adults could hop across the little pads.

No fair! Next time I'm gunna try it.

I did experience the large, pitch black water slide first hand and I'm sure the lifeguards were laughing at all my screaming!

M. Doll said...

I want some fudge.