What's cookin'?

Multiple Choice:

What IS this?

a) entrails from a medium size goat
b) jaundiced placenta of a coyote
c) roasted eggplant

If you guessed c, you're really good. When CCC slapped it down on my cutting board today I was personally thinking of b. While the kiddos played nicely, CCC and I (mostly CCC) threw together some baba ghanoush since we were both getting bored of green salads, green salads, and more green salads. We had to make a few modifications, like omit the tahini and the naan *gasp!*. I luuuuuuv naan. Is it not THE perfect bread? Even though I enjoy it, I've just never been able to hold my Indian food (one bad, awful, life-altering experience 8 years ago has yet to be forgotten), so I don't get nearly enough naan in my life. But that's all about to change. Come August 26, this cleanse will be over and I'll be at Whole Foods buying the new naan they started selling last week. It looked so dreamily good. Soft and puffy and just the right amount of springiness. I sat and held it and gazed at it for a while. True, the naan would be fabulous, but it goes really well with a red pepper strip, too.

Has anyone heard if there if there is some sort of horrible shallot shortage this year? Too much rain? Have the shallot farmers gone on strike? The two grocery stores nearby had ZERO and Whole Foods had only a few to choose from.

Here's the final product. The cilantro makes this dip really wonderful, even if it is a bit on the slimyish side.


KT said...

And you KNOW what I say about cilantro, don't you? "NAAN!"

Suz said...

They sell some really yummy, really fresh bread like this at Phoenecia too (south lamar)

Jamie said...

Tasting that yummy sounding bread right now would be like dying and going to heaven. I miss bread. Who knew I was eating so much of it?