I'm So Fly

I've noticed that there is a honeymoon period when one child is gone from home, where for a short time, it is a huge difference in the workload around here. Equilibrium is reached before too long so it all evens out, but for a while having only one kid is suddenly as easy and carefree as if I were lunching with the Junior League ladies and discussing all the hassles of daily massages, whether to Botox or lipo first, and the impossibility of finding good help these days.

Little A has been a fun companion to take along to various places while I attempt to accomplish some of the tasks I never could get around to doing during the summer. Maybe it's that they're suddenly the center of attention; maybe it's that their sibling isn't around to tease, irritate or otherwise make their lives miserable and torturous. Maybe both.

Whatever the reason, I have reason to feel much more accomplished than I have in many days, or months for that matter. FlyLady has been reintroduced to our household after a hiatus over the last 6 months or so. After struggling with my system for years a friend took mercy on me and told me about FlyLady. A brief description of my previous 'system' would be easier to imagine as a Complete Lack of a System. I still struggle with organization although I have a passionate love of The Container Store and the office supplies section of any retail establishment. BB won't even look at my Inbox or my method of organizing files on my little laptop. He's tried, he really has, poor guy. Franklin Covey, David Allen (Getting Things Done) , suggesting I just use the folders I've set up rather than keeping 800+ emails in my Inbox (just in case I need them!). Nothing has come close to sticking besides FlyLady. So I'm back on the bandwagon. I'll be walking around with my timer, shining my sink, doing my 27 Fling Boogie, and managing my Hot Spots.

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