On the trail

Today the Urban Assault team (SJ, CCC, JC and myself) finally made good on our intention to go mountain biking. JC and I are totally new to this sport and CCC has been once before, I think. So, it's safe to say the three of us are in the beginner category. SJ, however, is a Mountain Biking Rock Star so she gave us a quick lesson on the proper stance for riding over rocks, keeping our butts off the saddle and we headed down the trail.

Now, the first question that comes to my mind is "Why do I want to do this when it's sunny and 97 degrees?". Two answers and the first is this: I had honestly thought mountain biking sounded really, really fun about 6 weeks ago, when I was all "SJ is willing to teach us how to mountain bike! Awesome!...it'll be a blast!". The difference between then and now is that THEN I was a triathlon running, Urban Assault riding S-T-U-D. And those endorphins or whatever they are in my brain tricked me into thinking certain unlikely things, including riding a bike over a rocky, stumpy, twisty, hot, dusty trail would be an enjoyable thing to do on a Saturday afternoon in August.

The second reason was I have been trying really hard to not let "I'm too lazy" be my reason for not doing something. And basically, that's what my hesitation was. So, it was an opportunity to not be such a lazy bum.

Really, I'm just complaining, because that's what I do (pretty good at it too, according to many knowledgeable sources). It WAS fun...but it was hard, too. I was super impressed with the other girls...they are much, much, much braver than I am and I am inspired to try it again. And maybe this time I won't walk over the drop-offs. But don't hold me to that.

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