Girls only

Last week, my good friend, TRACEY JACKSON, marketing guru and group activity coordinator extraordinaire, brought to my attention that I had been participating in far too many painful activities (triathlons, camping, assaulting urban areas on bike) sans her. In an attempt to rectify this situation she proposed an afternoon of movie-watching involving attractive men (Ocean's 13), a bistro lunch (with crème brûlée, of course) and....ahem....depilation. This is where the pain comes in. Take all the pain involved in training for and participating in a triathlon (including a hurt foot and knees), or riding 25 miles through Austin and concentrate it all down into one 15 minute period of time. Tell me, how could I turn THAT down?

The movie was entertaining after I suspended all disbelief and just went along for the ride, but I was surprised to see that actors I consider to be among my peer group look so old. Brad Pitt isn't the same youngster he was in Kalifornia, circa 1993,

which is the first movie where I consciously remember seeing him (and practically smelling him). No matter how old he's gotten, he's come a long way since Early Grayce.

These photos included for the sake of TRACEY JACKSON...
she knows why.

The lunch was fabulous (Nordstrom Bistro...yumm!), but my highly developed sense of decorum prevents me from going into too much detail about subsequent activities. It was absolutely Girls Only.


Anonymous said...

My face looks like hamburger meat in the lip and eyebrow areas, but oddly enough, everything south of the Mason-Dixon line is pain- and redness-free. I actually took a photo of my face pre-makeup this morning, and I shall send it to you to prove that my skin is muy, muy delicate. I kind of look like I have either oddly-concentrated acne or some sort of skin condition of a heartbreaking nature. You did me a solid with the Brad Pitt photos. He is just so gorgeous, and I love that he's got 4 babies now. Hot Daddy!

Bubble Girl said...

Criminy, sorry to hear about your babyfine skin being ripped to ground meat. After initially thinking I lost a chunk of skin I was relieved to discover it was only a bruise. But still...a BRUISE?