Fancy Moves

Little A finally had a long-awaited opportunity to practice his Skills yesterday when The Short One and he got to play after almost a week apart. I can't say how nice it is to have a great friend living right down the street. It is everything I daydreamed about while I was growing up on a secluded farm with the closest humans being a world away.

Little A will poke his head out on the front porch to see if The Short One's car is in the driveway and vice versa. It's fabulous how our doorbell rings at the perfect moment. Just when I run out of anything remotely interesting to do or his toys / computer game / terrorizing his sister... are starting to seem beyond lame, The Short One stops by to breathe new life into whatever is going on or they head back down the street to beg for more popsicles and play with NEW toys.

They got to practice their Skills here with some hand-to-hand combat.

The Short One checks for signs of life.

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