Jumpin' and Slidin'

There was much of both of these things at Big M's 3rd birthday this weekend. All that AND the biggest, pinkest, strawberriest birthday cake I've ever seen, of which I had a huge piece since it had been a long time since breakfast and I'd been counting on pizza, a fruit & veggie tray, cardboard with melted cheese...something. I gave my sister a bit o' the bidness for leaving me hungry, to which she told me Tough $#!t, Have a Piece of Cake, Shut Up & Could I Please Serve the Drinks?

The Bubble Kids had a great time. They get limited time with their cousins since we live 350 miles apart, so when we're in town it's All Cousins, All the Time. They go fast and furious from bright and early 'til late, late at night. We've got Big Boy Cousins, NP and MP2; a Really Big Boy Cousin, MP1 (much too cool to be seen gorging on pink cake and crowding the big inflatable chair although I suspect he secretly wanted to); and two Little Girl Cousins, Little M and Big M. Fun, Fun, Fun, I tell you. There was so much slipping & sliding, trampolining, battery-operated car driving, swimming, movie-watching, etc...that the Bubble Kids will still be recovering next week.
Little A with Birthday Girl, Big M. She can sign just about any food or animal you can think of. It's quite impressive and really, really cute.
Big E with NP and MP2. I'm telling you there was lots'o'energy on that side of the table. You can practically see it oozing out of them.

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