The Road

Back on it. Again. This time we headed to OKC for neice # 1's third birthday. I was the official photographer and got such good photos of her emergence into this world they could be used for a childbirth class (or I could possibly be charged with some kind of felony if they were found on my hard drive). My sister has respectfully asked me not to share such photos in this forum. I've been to all her birthdays since (all two of them) and was determined to make the third, despite Big E being invited to one of her best friend's birthday party all afternoon. I managed to pry her away from the party a bit early and we headed out of Austin. Unfortunately for us it was raining (yes, AGAIN...or is it STILL?) and it was rush hour on Friday. This is a combination that usually has Austin public officials encouraging people to remain in their homes and not to stray out for any but the most urgent of emergencies. So, off we went. I'm not a commuter. Even before my Stay Home days I worked off hours so I didn't have to deal with heavy traffic. I witnessed a minor car accident on the way out. The car behind me (which had been making me mucho nervous for many miles as she felt compelled to drive with the front of her SUV between my shoulder blades) failed to stop in a timely manner since she was apparently thinking of something very serious, like all the clever wit over at go fug yourself, I'm sure, and forced me to the side of the road to avoid being hit and then she was subsequently hit from behind as she slammed on her brakes once she finally recalled Oh Yeah! I'm driving a car right now. The thing that bothers me the most about this (besides the long sentences and being guilty of Comma and Parentheses Overdose) is that she will probably not get a ticket for anything but she played a huge part in causing the accident. I think it's true that only the Rear Ender gets the ticket, not the Rear Ended. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. I will sleep better tonight if I think there is some justice in this.

I took a picture of the ridiculous traffic as we left Austin, but alas, I forgot the little cord that allows me to magically transfer photos from camera to laptop. I still think there are tiny elves living in the cord that run back and forth between the camera and laptop carrying bitty pictures. BB doesn't like it when I talk that way. He's quite insistent about bits and bytes, electrons and other sciency things he likes to try to enlighten me with. But whatever the reason, I have no photo so you'll have to take my word for it...there were a lot of cars and big trucks. Oooh, I hate trucks. I-35 is loaded down with them and I just can't completely express my disdain for them. Especially when I read things like this. I mean really...how can a tire just fly off? Doesn't somebody check that kind of thing? If airplanes were dropping debris wouldn't somebody do something?

We're here now and the kids are sleeping. I stayed well caffeinated for the trip and am ready to knit a sweater or paint the kitchen. We'll see what I can manage.

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