Exit Strategies

The little Bubble's and I made our own exit from OKC today and had a smooth and easy trip back to Austin. We missed out on a weekend of rain....awww, shucks. Bubble Boy was a busy little bee and built a new desk for Big E's room re-do, and cleaned the garage. That boy's as handy as a button on a shirt! He even managed to finish one book and get halfway through Harry Potter 7. Big E just about lost all control of bodily functions when she came in and saw the book. She's got just a little of her mama's OCD tendencies when it comes to reading and she's worn the previous 6 books to flimsy shreds, so it's good that she's going to have something to occupy her time for tomorrow. She will be useless to me for all the slave labor I had planned for her.

Between the birthday partying and various other family activities I didn't have much chance to read about goings-on in the world but somehow ran across two articles of particular interest regarding Iraq and I just haven't been able to let them go. The first was this article about President Bush's plan to send Transformers to Iraq. And then there was the rumor about the man-eating badgers in Basra.

I love fake news. I'm not ashamed to say that a great bit of my news comes from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. What I love about fake news nowadays is that it is almost, and sometimes more than almost, believable. It is not beyond the realm of my imagination that GWB would think, and subsequently say (whether joking or not), that it would be totally awesome if our tanks could get up on legs, pop out some arms with gigantic guns for hands. He'd call it something like Operation Transforming Freedom. I mean, that wouldn't even be remotely surprising anymore, would it? You could even throw in The Fantastic Four for good measure. Imagine what they'd think of The Thing!

But with our luck, all the Transformer soldiers would be recalled due to the lead-containing, radioactive paint job they received from the Chinese factory they were built in. In an effort to save face, Hasbro would send in Buzz Lightyear and his army of space rangers but all the traction gained would have been lost by that point and the Bratz dolls would have to go in for serious negotiations. Personally, I think everybody would get the greatest kick out of a massive army of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! characters. Is it just me or are they absolutely adorable?

There are lots of possibilities though...this is just one. Better idea? Anybody? Please???

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