Shupe. Jentren = 6 points

Yes. We are nerds. When our family gets together it's a race between my older sister and I to see who can rustle up a game of Boggle first. Not just any Boggle.....Super Boggle. AP came across the giant 5x5 grid a few years ago and introduced us to the glorious wonderment that is a 25 letter Boggle game vs. the puny, ridiculous 16 letter regular game.

Then *gasp* she LOST it. There was a semi-veiled accusation that perhaps I had it? I see where the loyalty lies. So now the pressure was on. I just HAD to have one of my own. Looked. Everywhere. Ebay had nothing. Craigslist. Nothing. Amazon? Nuh-uh.

I had long given up hope of ever finding one until I was perusing a used toy shop looking for legos to feed my vacuum cleaner....I mean, for Little A's birthday when I came across Boggle Master, circa 1992. The owner of the store thought I had spied a rat based on my squeal of pure joy and the way I snatched it off the shelf and hid it under my jacket lest the one other person in the store who was selling her daughter's Polly Pockets would want to fight me for it. I usually run very quickly away from conflict but we're talking Boggle MASTER. You understand.

Bubble Girl's Boggle Success Strategy. Rest the box on top of your head for a few seconds before the round begins to let the letters imprint. This works especially well if you've had wine. Also, creative spelling comes in handy. Throw out a semi-believable definition and you're in business. This works especially well if your opponents have had more wine than you. Reading historical fiction about 18th century Scotland helps too. You wouldn't believe how many archaic, old English words there are and those who haven't been properly schooled on their Olde English are at a distinct disadvantage. Och, aye.

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