Houston, aka Lair of the Masses

Why does anyone choose to live in Houston? Everyone I've known who has lived there in the past did so under pressure. Law school. Work. Parents lived there. Got out as soon as the gettin' was good. I understand why.

I ask myself this question every time we visit Houston. Which has some wonderful museums. My favorite being the Houston Museum of Natural Science. But our destination last weekend was the Johnson Space Center. The one and only request from BB's cousin visiting from Belgium. Little did we know that every other biped in the Houston Metro area was also planning a visit to the Space Center. And they brought strollers.

I basically blacked out in an effort to protect my inner self from the onslaught of people and awoke at various points to find myself rocking uncontrollably in one corner or another. Luckily I pulled myself out of the abyss to locate Little A after he had become dislocated from our group for several minutes. Loooong minutes of my life in which gory and horrible thoughts of pedophiles and spooky clowns filled my brain. I also came up for air long enough to snap (scream?) at BB a few times (or more). Sorry 'bout that. I think we all know how I am with Crowds.

I finally made the arduous journey once again into BB's domain to swipe some of the photos he's taken of the last couple of weeks. Christmas saw the introduction of two new Webkinz. Too bad the Webkinz being registered.site has only been working about 3% of the time since Christmas. Guess their servers weren't quite prepared for a billion new pets in cyberspace.

We had time to kill on Saturday evening so we headed to the aquarium at Moody Gardens. Where I pondered what Rotisserie Penguin would taste like. Quite good, I think. I'll take a wing.

BB and Kids got in some valuable Astronaut Training. Storm troopers kept us safe from the Empire and the tram ride to Mission Control was a cold one. But I managed a smile.

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KT said...

Nice how that guy in the blue jacket smiled for your family tram photo, too. Or IS he family? So many relatives have been in and out I may have lost track!