Heeeere's Jonny!

Usually this time of year would have me marking the countdown to the '24' season premiere and speculating endlessly about what Jack Bauer might have been up to lo these many months of off-season. What potential world devastation would face Jack and CTU this season. But thanks to the friendly and caring big media conglomerates the season probably won't happen and we're stuck with a ridiculous reincarnation of American Gladiators instead. I never got into that show back when it was original and I was undiscerning in my television viewing, so I don't expect I'll be taken up with it now that I can actually perceive the excessively high levels of Cheese Factor.

We're obviously getting desperate in this house. Bubble Boy is currently watching Resident Evil. Quality zombies, gore and impalations. And my! isn't Milla Jovovich a lovely? That skin! You see how I have time to blog. Otherwise I'd just be pausing the movie just trying, trying to see one tiny pore or imperfection. And you know? It wouldn't be there. I don't need that.

But things are looking up...

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have been forced back to work by the kind souls of big media and as much as I feel badly that they've been put in that tough spot, there's that little part of me which craves entertainment and is so glad to have them back in my home. But I feel that I'm betraying the writers by watching. How will the media giants ever be pressured to negotiate if they're still getting ad revenue? It's a bit of a conundrum and I'm not sure I'm strong enough to do the right thing. In fact, I know I'm not. I'm weak and hungry for my news parody. Like, did you know? There's still an election going on! There are faint memories of glimpses of words like 'caucus', 'debate', 'primary' or 'emotional outburst'.

And! Oh!! Did YOU remember there was a WAR going on? And the US is a part of it?? Seriously. Because to watch The Today Show this morning, you'd not have known it. As I plodded along on the treadmill I was privileged to see The Today Show spend a minimum of SEVEN MINUTES of primo news time (the 8:06 - 8:13 am slot) on....can you guess??

Britney Spears. And Dr. Phil and his intervention. I realize morning news shows have to strike a balance between news and fun, life stuff to appease the ever growing numbers of disengaged masses. But even so, isn't that something more suitable for The View? Or Ellen? Or at least the last fifteen minutes of the hour? 'Nuff said on that lest I get caught up in the Great Britney Debate.

After much pointless rambling about everything from Milla Jovovich to American Gladiators, the point IS, Jon Stewart is back. Yea!

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Jamie said...

Craig and I have been catching up on our 6' Under episodes during this writer's strike. I hope it ends before we run out of seasons to watch!