Pink Slip

Dear Roomba,
We regret to inform you that as of today we will no longer be utilizing your services. After an initial euphoric phase of excitement, elation and joy we have grown disheartened in your performance. After serious deliberation we have reached the decision that your operating performance falls short of the minimum standard that would justify your not-insignificant start-up costs. We also feel that your services would be better appreciated in an environment that houses no furniture, corners or hallways, children, cracker bits, or lego pieces.

Please understand that this was not an easy, whimsical decision on our part. Vacuuming is a tedious pain in our @$$ and we were bound and determined to make it work if it killed us. We thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment value of watching you putter around the house and bounce off walls and furniture. And the getting caught up in the chair legs under the dining room table thing is a hoot. We began to think of you as the pet we didn’t have, but better, because you didn’t shed everywhere, bark until all hours, jump on the company or poop in the yard.

Be that as it may, in the end we feel that ample opportunities to learn the terrain and prove yourself were provided and we were not seeing you make the progress needed to encourage us to stick it out. We'll keep you in mind once upgrades to Version 6 have been completed.

Best of Luck,
Bubble Girl and Family

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