It's all in the marketing

On a recent, blustery day:

Big E [with contempt]: Little A, you still have hot chocolate all over your face.

Little A: I know! I LIIIIIKE it there. It makes all my boogers taste like chocolate! Geez!

It is a relief and comfort to me to know that he will no longer need to force himself to choke down plain flavored, dried-up, crusty wads of mucous. I've been concerned that he wouldn't be able to fortify his Super Powers by consuming enough of his own dried up drainage.

I wonder what other flavors he'll be interested in adding in the future? Gatorade Blue Ice? Cinnamon and sugar? Pizza? I foresee a whole Jelly Belly-esque line of flavored snot. We'll call them clever names like Banana Booger or Cinna-Snot. Mmmmm. Want some?


Suz said...

Gross!!!! (My kids like their boogers plain)

Anonymous said...

I especially like the part in your post where you label it "booger talk," as though you will have more entries on this topic. And I hope you do because it was pretty dang funny. Thank you for the Girl Scout cookies. I'm on my 3rd box since Saturday and I feel myself slipping into a shame spiral. A DELICIOUS shame spiral!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I hope "Suz" reads this because I want to ask her to allow comments on her blog! There are many things about which I'd like to e-verse with her, like what she thought about the latest Amy Tan book. The day I finished it (after eating many handsful of gingersnap cookies), I saw her blog and read that she was doing the same and I needed to TELL her that, and I was PREVENTED. All I was able to do was eat more gingersnaps in frustration and sorrow. And gluttony.