I'm sitting here in the wonderfully warm, melancholy, but beautiful, afterglow from watching Atonement. I read the book a few years ago and admit to spending the first 150 pages not that interested but loving the writing. For the rest of the book, I was not entirely clear on what exactly was really happening and still, loving the writing. Despite my initial indifference and subsequent confusion, I could not stop reading. By the end, I had made sense of it all and it was heartbreakingly fabulous. I know I won't sleep well tonight. I usually avoid media that conjures this feeling in me because, after all, I want to be happy. The translation from book-to-movie was most impressive. That's saying something, right? Even Keira Knightly was good. Now THAT'S really saying something. (Not a fan...did you notice??) And James McAvoy? Perfection. I think my heart will break every time I see him for the rest of my life.

I've just had so much goodness these last few days that I feel awash in it all. First, I've been reading The Pleasure of My Company, by Steve Martin. What a fantabulous book! I savored every single WORD of this book and found myself rereading paragraphs and pages because they were so dead on. So meticulously right. I will never look at a lightbulb or curb with the same carefree attitude. Maybe I'll even attempt an e-less blog post?? Yep, he was a quirky character.

Saturday we watched Juno. Loved this movie. I went into it never having seen a preview, read a review, not having an inkling to the subject matter whatsoever. Remember? I live in a bubble. Very little makes it inside. So glad Juno made it. Clever, clever writing and Ellen Page is a lovely, talented actress. Way to make me feel old...she was born the year I learned to drive. And witty? Killing me with the clever.

So, to have watched two such enjoyable movies and to have just finished a book that entertained me so thoroughly all in one weekend is almost too much for me to bear. That must be why it's gushing out of me so forcefully...I just can't keep it inside lest I burst with the goodness of it all! I apologize for the vomitorium of Good Things According to Bubble girl.

Worry not...I'm sure the cynical, negative, pessimistic me will be back tomorrow. But tonight. It's all good.

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CCC said...

Oh, I just loved Atonement. After that I had to go put Claire de Lune on my ipod.