Bring on the cold

I will never fear camping in November again!

Unless it's really, REALLY cold. Because I'd have to get out of THIS sooner or later and THAT would not be good.

I couldn't wait to try out my new sleeping bag today and sure enough, it was toasty warm. The whole time I was in it I couldn't escape the vision of this As Seen On TV apparel / blanket contraption that assaulted my eyeballs at the gym this morning:My tolerance for temperature variance in the winter is below low. Our thermostat stays at 68 degrees during the day and I bundle up like I'm preparing for an dogsled race. If I'm sitting, I'm under a blanket. And yet. I don't think I could put myself in one of these. All I can think is Sith Lord or Helen Roper (remember Three's Company?) and her famous caftans, which pretty much defined mature ladies of the 70s, in my mind.

I definitely prefer the Sith Lord.

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Jamie said...

Well, I prefer that cuter than cute pink sleeping bag! I'm jealous.