A look ahead...way ahead.

The new year is upon me and in a lot of ways, it doesn't feel any different. Big E confirmed this fact when we got up this morning and the wave of that mysterious something that a ten year old expects is going to roll in and change their view of the world with birthdays and new years wasn't there. The day seemed much like every other day except we all slept until after 8:30, which would usually indicate something dreadful had happened. But after some contemplation on how science fiction-y 2009 seemed to me when I was a wee tot of ten years old we began to look at the day a little differently.

Many things have changed since 1982. Hair, for example. We confirmed this with a brief viewing of my senior prom video. Oy vey. Wow. I can't say that the hair was particularly beautiful, but no one can say there wasn't a lot of it. Big E wondered more than once how we got our bangs THAT puffy.

Then we contemplated how different the world would be in 2035. What would we say about hairstyles now? What would we say about our clothes, computers, cell phones, appliances, Barack Obama? Would we have reached Mars? Will space travel be open for tourists? What would cars look like? Would they fly like I assumed they would by now way back then? What would music sound like? Would Hannah Montana make explicit albums, a few bad movies, take up yoga and the Kabbalah, move to London and adopt a British lilt?

Or maybe the world will get simpler, more local. Devolve a little. You never know. It sounds nice, actually.

For now, the Christmas decorations are almost down, the kids' rooms have been purged and the beer that exploded in my freezer last night has been cleaned up. The house smells like a brewery, but that's OK. The inauguration is less than three weeks away. Things are looking up.

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Jamie said...

I guess that'll teach you not to forget to put the beer in the fridge before a big par-tay.