Where Girls Grow Strong...

.....lugging damn cookies all over here and there and everywhere.

I am probably the most anti-Girl Scout Girl Scout leader of all time. Sort of like if Billy Graham ended up being a screaming atheist. When Big E expressed interest in joining Girl Scouts in kindergarten, she had no idea what that meant, other than lots of "girls", of which she approved greatly. Being the perfect combination of "sucker" and "control freak" that I am, it wasn't long before I was walking away from the rally with my arms filled with paperwork and instructions on how to form a troop. That was five years ago and I suppose I will continue to be a leader as long as Big E continues to be a Girl Scout. Remember? Sucker + Control Freak = Me.

The concept of Girl Scouts is great and I do believe the organization does good things for some girls, especially those girls whose families are struggling to provide the necessities let alone opportunities and / or positive role models.

But after walking the streets of our neighborhood peddling cookies in the frigid cold (OK, it was only about 40 degrees, but that is brrrr-y COLD in Austin, especially for me who has strongly considered configuring a harness that straps to my body to carry my hot water bottle with me everywhere I go), the acrid taste won't leave me alone.

Here's the problem. I feel like our girls are being pimped out to raise money for an organization that doesn't give back as much as it gets to MOST of the girls. We keep a ridiculously low amount from the sale of each box of cookies (about 12%) and yet still have to pay full price to participate in Girl Scout events and activities. The uniforms are exorbitantly priced. Then we are asked to donate even more money from our troop to support other Girl Scout programs. Oy vey! It's turning me into a bitter lady and I don't like that. I want it to be a positive experience for the girls and it still is for now. But what about when they get old enough to realize they're being taken advantage of?

Soooo, want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?


Jamie said...

Count me in for a box of Lemonades. If you got'em, bring on Thursday. I promise not to consume them infront of the cleansers.

Lisa C said...

I agree....my taste for GS has gotten bad over the years. I used to like M selling cookies, but both of us are over it. And plus: nobody wants to buy cookies from a big girl, when there are cute little Daisy's selling them.

Anonymous said...

Don't be too shocked if Billy Graham is revealed as a screaming atheist. It turned out to be true for the greatest icon (false though it may be) of christian values, Mother Teresa.
I can't say much for your sales pitch, but I'm sure I'll be buying several boxes anyway.

Jamie said...

Dear God,
It's Jamie, the non-famous atheist. My box of Lemonades has made me sin. I got the box yesterday and they are all gone now. Why? Why must they be so freaking yummalicious? Damn Girlscouts!