Athletes Foot Saves the Day!

Betcha never would've thought a yucky fungus lingering silently on the damp floors of a stinky gym locker room, waiting patiently to creep onto a stray flip flop thrown haphazardly amongst the multitude of items that may come into contact with your sweet, inviting flesh would be the source of my unending appreciation and gratitude. And yet, yesterday was just that day.

I flopped my overstuffed gym bag on the floor as CCC and I wrapped up our toilette when CCC urgently hissed "pick up your bag!". I snatched it up and hastily set it on the bench. I looked at her. She looked at me. The understanding was that something horribly bad had happened on that patch of floor in my absence. My imagination quickly ran through a full range of possibilities, including a potty accident or someone sitting their naked derriere on the floor and scootching around like my high school boyfriend's terrier who had something terribly wrong with its bum. Turned out it was neither but rather a conversation had by previous lockermates in regards to a raging athletes foot infestation and the persistent nature of said athletes foot.

Which is why I promptly emptied my gym bag when I got home in order to put it in the laundry. Which is why I noticed immediately that my gym clothes were not in my bag. Which gave me the opportunity to race back to the gym and get my most favorite gym pants in the whole wide world where they had JUST been scooped up by the locker room cleaning lady. And I mean JUST. There was a brief moment when I thought she might give me a hard time when I told her they were mine, and I really didn't want to have to fight this lady for them, but I would have without hesitation. THAT'S how much I love those pants.

Thank you Athletes Foot lady!!!


Anonymous said...

I complained to your dad about not getting a Christmas card and he directed me to your blog. Too cute. Em quit g.s. at 16, Mandy 18 both before getting their gold awards. everything you said about it is correct. Loved looking at the pictures of your kids. Emma is a reincarnation of you.


KT said...

So. Hmmm. GROSS!! :)
But, you got your pants ...

Bubble Girl said...

I've developed a new system to avoid contamination of all the stuff in my bag. Can't believe I've gone this long without realizing that every time I stuff my shower shoes (or even my gym shoes) into my bag they're contaminating EVERYTHING in there. Yuck.