The Christmas pilgrimage to Oklahoma took place before the holiday this year, completely throwing off my MoJo. Although it was a great trip with Much Fun and Family Togetherness, I was unable to get my Christmas cards out. I had decided to switch to a postcard format to Save the Earth but then days slipped through my fingers and it just didn't happen. My disgraceful procrastination resulted in an email greeting, which, on a good note, has literally added years to the Earth's life expectancy. Or so Bubble Boy has reassured me.

The Togetherness Activities in OKC always include a trip to the Science Museum of Oklahoma, aka The Omniplex. After about 20 years of not changing anything, they've finally made some great updates and there was fun for all. Explosion shows, rides on a Segway, pirates, legos, marble runs, and multiple studies on motion, electricity, and all that other science-y stuff.

We couldn't get The Boy away from the marble run.

Somehow we managed to get eleven people to The Nutcracker on time. My crowd-a-phobia was threatening to rear its ugly head but I stamped it down and think I was successful in not seeming too bitchy and short-tempered. If you didn't see it that way, please hush up and let me enjoy my fantasy. Little A watched with rapt attention as the music played and the dancers danced. He was equally mesmerized by the orchestra as the dancers. We had the opportunity to meet some of the dancers after the performance. Little A was so excited to have his photo taken with the Prince / Nutcracker. His comment afterwards (with a VERY concerned look and in hushed tones), "he looks REALLY different up close". Um. Yeah.

Clara did not look so different and was very sweet.

This is what I was off doing when I should have been addressing and stamping Christmas cards. I hope that my public confession here will beg a smidge of forgiveness. Think of the earth.

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Lisa C said...

Don't worry Rachael...I didn't get my cards done either. We just did a New Years card, and they are on my desk waiting for me. Yikes!!