First time ever

It's January 3rd and all remnants of Christmas are packed up and stowed away, waiting patiently to be pulled out again and hastily put up next November. Bubble Boy just about blew an artery when he came in and saw what I was doing.

See, upon moving in together in mid-April many years ago, we had to take my Christmas tree down to make the move. Mid-April. That's like, a whole season-and-a-half away! We were very close to having a very Merry Valentine's Day a few years ago before Bubble Boy took some initiative and packed everything up himself. It used to be that I really liked looking at it, and there still is a little bit of that, but mostly it was because I HATE the tedium of wrapping everything up, packing it safely away, hauling it up to the attic. It's just so much more fun to UNpack it and make the house festive.

So, I'm hoping this is a sign for the year to come. Maybe I won't procrastinate as much. Maybe I'll stay on top of all that requires being stayed up on top of. Maybe. There's always a First Time!

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