Hill Country Camping

The laundry is done, the campfire smell washed out of the sleeping bags, the tent packed away 'til next time and we're all thawed out from our below 20 degrees night of camping.

That's right. Below 20 degrees. 18 to be exact. I don't care what anybody might have told you about 18 degrees, but it is most undeniably, COLD. Cold enough to conjure thoughts of a sweet suburban family of four being found frozen solid, herds of deer, armies of armadillos and a gang of wild turkeys roaming wild all around them.

Despite the cold Saturday night, the camping trip was a grand success. There was bike riding, fishing, kayaking, geocaching, touring around the park on a 1951 firetruck, cleanest bathrooms at a campsite ever, nicest park rangers at a state park ever and even a sweet little abandoned fawn named Curtis bottle-raised by afore-mentioned nicest park rangers.

Two things that must be done before the next camping trip. 1) Get warmer sleeping bags, and 2) train Little A and Big E's bladders to go more than a few hours without having to get up for a potty run. Because dragging yourself out of a semi-warm sleeping bag on a cold night to walk to the bathroom (no matter how clean)? Uh....no.


Lisa C said...

Where did you go camping at? Which park? I am always happy about a campsite with clean bathrooms. Glad you thawed out. We have done camping with around 33degrees at night, and it was extremely cold. I too decided that we need better gear.

Bubble Girl said...

South Llano River State Park just outside of Junction. Lovely. Just lovely. and the bathrooms smelled of disinfectant EVERY time I went in there. I even took a steamy hot shower and I've NEVER ever showered while camping before. I believe in camping funky.