It happened.

Challenges in healthcare, social security, and education.

Two wars and economic upheaval.

And yet.

I feel hopeful.


Jamie said...

This is truly amazing. I went to bed last night not knowing anything. In fact, Craig told me that it was neck-and-neck at 9:30pm. I'm sure that's what FOX news was reporting.

I woke up this morning still oblivious. I checked my email(the first thing I do every morning). Nothing out of the ordinary. Then, an email came through from my mom. She wrote amongst other things that Obama won the election.


Hold on. Are you CERTAIN? That was the first I had heard of any results. I still haven't seen any news program or paper confirming it(Craig stole the paper out of the driveway pre-dawn and I don't do news programs). However, your blog has the good news, so it MUST be official.

Bubble Girl said...

Oh, it's official and although I waited up to hear the speeches I wouldn't allow myself to fully experience and accept the win until a full 24 hours had passed. I was afraid W would give us a "psych!" or some other equivalent.